Microsoft Zune Player Vs Apple iPod

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Jan 21, 2007

By: Alice

Apple's ipod has been long dominating the digital media player (DMP) market. And why not; ipod has been far superior in performance and features when compared to its rivals.

But Microsoft is set to change this by coming out with their own media player named zune, which will debut to the world on November 14, 2006. The product is being manufactured by Toshiba under Microsoft's name and will be available for exactly the same price as the 30GB ipod.

Here I'll compare and list a few key differences between zune and ipod. For example I'll take the 30GB ipod. Since, Microsoft is also offering 30GB storage for zune.

Below are the list of features supported by zune and not Ipod.

* Landscape video

* Preloaded Audio and video

* Built in FM tuner

* Social networking (and)

* Custom background.

But two major differences are file sharing and Wi-Fi (aka wireless) support.

Yes, every zune will have the ability to wirelessly share and play songs, videos and pictures with other zunes. Microsoft zune will be able to hold 7,500 songs, 25,000 pictures or 100 hours of video.

With all the exciting and promising features, Microsoft will definitely take a big chunk of media player market form apple, but how much only time will tell.

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