High Resolution (3600x1500) Google Logo

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Dec 30, 2007


A high resolution (3600x1500) Google Logo. Click to Enlarge.

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Kwout- A online screenshot tool for Bloggers!

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Dec 28, 2007 Leave a Comment

Kwout is a perfect tool for bloggers who often quote screenshots of other blogs or websites. You just have to goto the Kwout, enter url of the page (then it fetches the screenshot of the entire page) select the block which you want to quote and click the "Cut Out" button.

The output you get will be a HTML code which can be embed into your blog or you can sent the image to Flickr or Tumblr. The screenshot size you can take is 600 x 600. you can give rounds,border and shadow effect to the image, you can change the background also.

Below is the screenshot which I took of my blog with the help of this tool.

Isn't it Cool?

[Thanks to GO2WEB20]

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Google's Holiday Doodle's - 2007

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Dec 27, 2007 1 Comment

As Google always does, in the past days  there were 5 different logo's everyday on the google's page. Changing (Improving) day by day and finished with Christmas.

Google Holiday Doodle 2007_1

Google Holiday Doodle 2007_2

Google Holiday Doodle 2007_3

Google Holiday Doodle 2007_4

Google Holiday Doodle 2007_5 


I know its late to tell you and you already knew about it. But some of my readers may don't knew about it or may doesn't noted it on Google.

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How to turn a Photo into Talking Character

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Dec 26, 2007 1 Comment

PQ Computing Corporation released a software PQ Talking Photo to convert any photo into talking character.

They are giving this software Free for a limited time only to Bloggers. Which is worth $59.90. You just have to blog about there new software and inform them so they will give a copy of PQ Talking Photo to you. To blog about them your blog must not be newly created and it must have at least 10 previous posts.

Let me show you a Demo of it.

blogmyspacedvd to ipod video convertertalkingphoto, dvd to psp convertertalkingphoto, dvd to zunetalking photo album

Features of PQ Talking Photo:

  • Create animated characters from any photo you want.
  • Easy to use. With simple mouse clicks, the animation can be generated in a few seconds.
  • Only one picture is needed to construct a realistic 3D face for animation
  • Animate any human or animal photos, paintings, drawings or even sketch's.
  • Automatically match lip movement with voice.
  • Support any spoken languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, etc.
  • Create your talking photo album, live avatars on blogs, funny greeting card, pets talk show, etc.

So grab your Free copy of PQ Talking Photo by Bloging about it. Hurry up because you must blog before 01/15/2008.

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Talkr- Let your blog posts talk for themselves

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Dec 25, 2007 1 Comment


Talkr provides a service to convert your text-only RSS or Atom feed into a spoken word podcast. This online service is free for converting your RSS feeds into MP3 files for podcasting.

This Talkr service is very useful to increase accessibility of your blog. Readers can download your post in to mp3 format and listen to them anywhere like traveling etc.

As a reader, Talkr can also provide you with a podcast of your favorite news sources. This means that you can plug your MP3 player into your home computer once a day and Talkr will provide you with hours of audio content with no additional work on your part.

Let me give you a example, Click the Listen to this article link to download this article in mp3 format and listen to it.

As a Blogger, you will get these benefits

  • Talkr will automatically check your feed to see if you have published new articles
  • Talkr uses best-of-class text to speech software to convert your blog to a podcast
  • Talkr offers revenue share opportunities if you want to include advertising in your podcast or you refer new clients to Talkr
  • Your readers can listen to each article right from your blog -- the audio links are auto-generated each time you post a new article in your blog!
  • Talkr provides a new RSS feed and "chicklet" to help your readers to add your podcast to their favorite podcast client
  • Talkr creates an iTunes-compatible podcast feed, so that you can specify a description, category and keywords that will appear within iTunes.
  • No work on your part past the initial configuration
  • Talkr is Free!

To make your blog post Talk with Talkr, you just have to go to their website, register a account as a "Partner", submit your blogs RSS feed. Then you will receive a HTML code you just have to replace the " Template variable for permalink" with your permalink as shown below

You will receive the following code

<img style="border:none;" src='http://images.talkr.com/images/speaker_20.gif' alt='Listen to this article' border='0' />
<a href='http://www.talkr.com/app/fetch.app?feed_id=42116&perma_link=[template variable for permalink]'> Listen to this article </a>

Replace the text (including the square brackets) which is shown in the RED color with your permalink.

Like this service? Want to give it a try? visit there website Talkr.

Below are some other services provided by Talkr

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Analyze your feedburner feed with Graphs and Charts

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20 photographs, perfectly timed and angled

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Dec 23, 2007 Leave a Comment


                                    - 20 Photographs Taken at the Exact Right Angle

“Some photographs become brilliant or hilarious because both the timing and the angle work out just right. Sometimes this means catching people or objects lined up perfectly at the ideal moment. Other times these are staged for maximum effect.”

[ via QOT ]

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Analyze your feedburner feed with Graphs and Charts

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Dec 19, 2007 Leave a Comment

What is Feed Analysis?

The number of subscribers is very useful for bloggers to determine the popularity of their blogs. Yet, blogger like me may hope that the FeedBurner stats can tell us how fruitful our effort results without much analytical calculation on our own. As such, I developed Feed Analysis which can provide bloggers, with the aid of beautiful interactive charts, a more detailed report and analysis from our feeds.

A cool tool to Analyze your blogs feedburner feed, created by Blogperfume.

With the help of Feed Analysis, you can see the number of subscribers for each month that is represented neatly on the column chart. You can also view the number of subscribers, hits, views and clicks for every single day from the line chart. And the best/worst day of the week is also available which is displayed on the pie chart.

To analyze feedburner feed you just need to type it in the box (which is on the bottom side) select the range of month and click on "Generate Report".

The report will appear like this

1) The column chart represents the number of Subscribers per month.


The orange part of the column shows the total subscriber of that month and the yellow part shows the subscribers that have been added to the month.

2) This is a graph of Number of Subscribers, Hits, Views and Daily Clicks


3) The following chart shows the total number of subscribers on each day of the week with its percentage.


The previous version of Feed Analysis was little bit complicated, to analyze a blog feed the blogger need to

-Log in to the feedburner account

-Then select the feed to analyze

-Download the CSV file then upload it to Blog Perfume.

These all work is covered in the latest version i.e. v1.1


I think this is a cool tool to analyze a feed for Blogger. What do you think about this?

Analyze your feedburner feed here: Feed Analysis v1.1

If you have any suggestions to this tool send them through comments.

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Free Social Bookmark and RSS Iconset

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Dec 15, 2007 Leave a Comment

Social Bookmark Iconset 1

Social Bookmark Iconset 1

Social Bookmark Iconset 2

Social Bookmark Iconset 2

RSS Iconset

RSS Iconset

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Picasa Web Albums Now on the iPhone

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Dec 13, 2007 1 Comment

Google Picasa Album now available for Apple's iPhone users. Recently Google launched an mobile version of Picasa Web Albums. Now iPhone users can share their Digital Photo online.

iPhones have a high resolution screen and a powerful web browser that supports complex web technologies like "AJAX". Showing off your digital photos is a great fun on iPhone with its features. Not only you can take your photos anywhere, but you can also Search and Favorite to browse shared or public photos from friends, family, and the entire Picasa Web Albums community.


Picasa works on iPhone like its own photo viewer the iPhoto.

Today, we're happy to tell you about an extra bonus for iPhone users who visit the mobile version of Picasa Web Albums. You'll see that we've completely redesigned and optimized the interface specifically for iPhones. Pictures are proportioned to fit the iPhone's screen dimensions, and we've tweaked the key buttons so they're easier to navigate with your fingertips. Best of all, we've launched a new iPhone-only slideshow feature that automatically flips through your favorite photo albums.

[via: Google Photos Blog ]

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