Intel's new 45 nanometer Transistor

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Feb 6, 2007

Intel created a 45 nanometer Transistor. Having the power to reduce the size of a Computer and boost its performance too.

Scientists from all over the world are working to reduce the size of Transistor since 45 years.

Transistor is a main component of Chips.

There may be millions of Transistors in a single Chip.

Size of Chips depend upon these Transistors and size of Computer depends upon these Chips.

This Transistor can be used to reduce the size of Computers and to boost the performance of Computers.

Intel’s 45nm process technology will allow chips with more than five times less leakage power than those made today. This will improve battery life for mobile devices and increase opportunities for building smaller, more powerful platforms.

Intel will launch new Chip code-name “Penryn” based on 45 nanometer Transistor system in the market till 2008.

Intel Says

“Being first to high volume with 65nm process technology and the first with a working 45nm chip highlights Intel’s leadership position in chip technology and manufacturing,” said Bill Holt, vice president, general manger, Intel Technology and Manufacturing Group. “Intel has a long history of translating technology leaps into tangible benefits that people appreciate. Our 45nm technology will provide the foundation for delivering PCs with improved performance–per– watt that will enhance the user experience.”

Intel has announced two high–volume fabs under construction to manufacture chips using the 45nm process technology: Fab 32 in Arizona and Fab 28 in Israel.

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