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Posted by Shailendra Doke | Dec 25, 2007


Talkr provides a service to convert your text-only RSS or Atom feed into a spoken word podcast. This online service is free for converting your RSS feeds into MP3 files for podcasting.

This Talkr service is very useful to increase accessibility of your blog. Readers can download your post in to mp3 format and listen to them anywhere like traveling etc.

As a reader, Talkr can also provide you with a podcast of your favorite news sources. This means that you can plug your MP3 player into your home computer once a day and Talkr will provide you with hours of audio content with no additional work on your part.

Let me give you a example, Click the Listen to this article link to download this article in mp3 format and listen to it.

As a Blogger, you will get these benefits

  • Talkr will automatically check your feed to see if you have published new articles
  • Talkr uses best-of-class text to speech software to convert your blog to a podcast
  • Talkr offers revenue share opportunities if you want to include advertising in your podcast or you refer new clients to Talkr
  • Your readers can listen to each article right from your blog -- the audio links are auto-generated each time you post a new article in your blog!
  • Talkr provides a new RSS feed and "chicklet" to help your readers to add your podcast to their favorite podcast client
  • Talkr creates an iTunes-compatible podcast feed, so that you can specify a description, category and keywords that will appear within iTunes.
  • No work on your part past the initial configuration
  • Talkr is Free!

To make your blog post Talk with Talkr, you just have to go to their website, register a account as a "Partner", submit your blogs RSS feed. Then you will receive a HTML code you just have to replace the " Template variable for permalink" with your permalink as shown below

You will receive the following code

<img style="border:none;" src='' alt='Listen to this article' border='0' />
<a href='[template variable for permalink]'> Listen to this article </a>

Replace the text (including the square brackets) which is shown in the RED color with your permalink.

Like this service? Want to give it a try? visit there website Talkr.

Below are some other services provided by Talkr

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