Add your business to Local Search on Google India

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Mar 20, 2008

Here is a simple and free way to promote your business on Google India Local Search. Google is inviting business owners from India to add their business listing in Google India Local Search. By adding your business free to Google India Local Search you will get noticed all over the country and will help your business to boost as it will help people to find you easily.

- Do you own a restaurant in Delhi and wish more people knew about your delicacies?
- Are you an insurance agent seeking new clientele?
- Would you like more tourists for your travel agency in Goa?
- Are you a custom apparel merchandiser in Bangalore seeking to expand your customer base?

There are three ways, Google provided to the business owners to add their business listing in Local Search.

1) You can call Google at 1-800-419-4444 (in India only, for your Indian-based business)

2) You can SMS "register" to 09900800000

3) You can add your listing yourself by filling a form.

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