BreakTheVault: Solve Puzzles with Clues and Win Cash

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Apr 21, 2008

Many people stay online for hours playing contests, there are two types of peoples who play online contests. Firstly who those want to show/test their skills over the contest and Secondly who those want to Earn some money by testing their luck over the contest. For both the types of people I have a special site which pays to their players for solving their quizzes. is a online contest site which offers free online contest so peoples can take participate in and can win huge cash. You just have to register an account for free. Members have unlimited chances to attempt to solve the puzzle, the first one who solves will win cash or prizes.

This site launches a new contest every Monday at noon EST. The main thing I love to this site is it provides clues to their players. Each day thereafter at noon EST they’ll release another clue. It's up to you how many it takes before you get the right answer, but check back daily, because when a new clue is released, the old one goes away. You might be thinking what if someone solved the puzzle prior to the next Monday, they will release another online contest. So you will always find at least one contest for you to solve.

Some people might be thinking what kind of contest will be there? For instance, they have a series called “Where in the World?” These are geography based and lead you to a city, monument, venue or other such landmark. If you're the first one to put all of the clues together, you’ll win the prize.

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