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Posted by Shailendra Doke | Apr 1, 2008


Google has its own official iGoogle Themes Directory so that you can get themes of your choice for your Personalized Google homepage easily. But the problem was, you need to browse all the directory to find the best theme. Recently Google launched Search for the iGoogle theme directory which made the task little easier. Still there is no way to browse themes by category, if you want themes on Nature, Sports, Entertainment you have to either search the whole directory or keep entering search terms until you find what you're looking for. is a unofficial directory for iGoogle themes that you can use onto Google's Personalized homepage. This gallery is created by Sterling Udell, one of the top developers working with the Google Themes API.

Themes are divided up into categories and subcategories. User will find themes of their choices easily now. Since each theme submitted to inThemes is reviewed before it's added to the gallery, you will get only high quality themes.

[via Download Squad]

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