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Posted by Shailendra Doke | Apr 30, 2008


Spock is a new people search engine which I think has the ability to show the search results that you will never find anywhere. Spock helps you to find your friends and colleagues on the web. You can add and edit the information that Spock finds about you on the web. The format of searching peoples is different here. You can search peoples by email, tags, their hobbies or their location.

How Spock Works
Spock uses the combination of two very powerful forces that makes Spock - the best for people search. The first power force is that the technology Spock uses organizes the web content about people into easily understood search results. It searches almost every place on the internet for information like biography pages, social networks, news sites, blogs, directories and many more. The second is, the Spock community contributes information to help enhance the search experience. The Spock users can increase the relevance of information as they can add tags, pictures, and web links or simply vote on existing information.

Spock - Jaideep Singh

For Instance
If you want to know the Presidential candidates then it will list out all the pro-choice. Click the link. http://www.spock.com/q/pro-choice-presidential-candidate



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