The Longest Mobile Phone Ever

Posted by Shailendra Doke | May 22, 2008

need phone 1 Everyone wants a stylish, slick, shiny and mainly the phone which is smaller than our pockets. No one will think for a mobile phone which can't be in our pockets except the designer Tamer Koseli. His concept mobile phone named NEED is the Longest Mobile Phone I've seen.

He says, all cell phone are the multimedia gadgets, they are far away from their basic aim of communication ( I agree ). So, he wanted to create a cell phone for only communication purpose, you guess right, it has no multimedia features like mp3, video, even a camera etc.

Now, what it got? this phone has a screen which is divided into two, the first screen is a touch screen and other is OLED which displays basic info of the phone. [Yanko Design]

need phone 2 need phone 3

need phone 4

need phone 5

need phone 7

need phone 6

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    this is da bomb

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