30 useful Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Jun 27, 2008

Yahoo Mail Following is the list of keyboard shortcuts for Yahoo! Mail. For making your emailing experience better Yahoo! provides you the interface to Yahoo! Mail with Keyboard also. With the help of following Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts you will reduce your trips to the mouse and can reduce the pain (future problems) of your hand which are being caused by mouse.


Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

  Key For the Task
  m Check Mail
  Shift+m Check All Mail
  Ctrl+\ Close Current Tab
  n Write New Message
  r Reply
  a Reply All
  f Forward Message
  k Mark As Read
  Shift+k Mark As Unread
  l (L) Flag
  Shift+l (L) Clear Flag
  del Delete Item
  p Print
  Ctrl+s Save Draft
  Ctrl+Enter Send Message
  v Turn Reading Pane On/Off
  Ctrl+[ Navigate Through Tabs - Leftwards
  Ctrl+] Navigate Through Tabs - Rightwards
  Enter Select Message and Press Enter to Open it in its own tab
  Enter Select Contact and Press Enter to Edit Contact
  Ctrl+f Find Word or Phrase in Message
  F11 Expand Window to its Max Height
  Ctrl+.(period) Next Message (In Message Tab)
  Ctrl+, Previous Message (In Message Tab)
  Ctrl+Shift+End Skip to Oldest Unread Message
  d Move Message to a Folder (Dropdown List of Folder Name)
  Esc Close Read-Message Tab
  c Start a New Chat

Make your experience more better with these Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts and if you know more Yahoo! Mail shortcuts or have doubt in these shortcuts, please add them in the comments below.

Hope you enjoy it!

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