Create Disposable Web Notes That Disappear After Being Read

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Jul 1, 2008

Want to share any secret message with someone? Here comes privnote to help!

privnote (Private Note)

Privnote is a web service that can be used to send Private Notes over the Internet. This is very useful for sending secret messages that self-destruct or becomes unavailable as soon as they are read.

How to use privnote?

Simple, head over to privnote and type your secret message in the space provided and you will be given a link, you can send this link via e-mail, IM to whom you want to show the secret message, once the link is clicked the message is destroyed so it can only be seen once.

This service has a read receipt option also, if you check the notify option then you will be notified as soon as your message gets read by the recipient. If you send a note and suddenly regret having done so, you can click the link yourself which will destroy the note and prevent the receiver to read it. [Thanks to Digital Inspiration]

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