World's Largest Solar Energy Project in India

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Aug 12, 2008

Now this is a world record worth talking about!

The Business Standard is reporting that, US-based Clinton Foundation investing developing the world's lagest solar energy project in Gujarat, India. The project is currently in its planning phases, it's an 'Integrated Solar City' project with a capacity to generate 5000 megawatts (5 Gigawatts).

Over Five times the size of the current largest solar project in the world.

The project, expected to cost Rs 20,000 crore (approximately $475-million), as said its an 'Integrated Solar City', all the raw materials including glass and panels will be produced on site, bringing down the productivity cost so the power produced will cost around Rs 4 ($0.10) per unit.

The Government of Gujarat is considering a Kutch or Banaskanta as favorable lacation for this project. About five times the capacity of a typical coal or nuclear plant, this project would certainly a big step in the right direction towards the green energy. Recently prime minister Manmohan Singh announced that solar power would be a key part of his plan to deal with climate change.

The current largest solar energy project in the world is a solar thermal plant in the Mojave Desert being developed by BrightSource, with an eventual capacity of up to 900 megawatts.

Business Standard via Treehugger and dvice

  • # Anonymous on 9/12/2009 07:10:00 AM  

    We have the best blue-prints.Any action so far?The Gujrat Government should take initiative to keep the things rolling.

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