How to Rename Start Button in XP

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Apr 7, 2007

You can rename your Windows XP 'start' button through registry or explorer.exe by changing some values. But there is lots of efforts to rename 'start' button through it.

There is a new and simple way to do that without playing with registry or explorer.exe.

A utility called StartBtn Renamer will do it for you.

just download the utility, type the text( you want to give to the start button) in New Lable section and click on 'Rename It!'.

Your 'start' button text has been changed.

If you want more Windows XP Tips,Tricks and Hacks just goto XP Tweaks

[via TechBuzz]

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  • # RAMA on 8/19/2008 03:38:00 PM  

    Too Good Programming To Rename Start Button

  • # Anonymous on 9/09/2008 01:02:00 PM  

    hey one of my clasmate has renamed start button without using any software i but he's not telling me how he did it. so pls tell me this trick

  • # Balaji Kirthy on 9/22/2008 07:07:00 PM  

    How to its work in regedit

  • # Anonymous on 11/13/2008 12:59:00 AM  

    Hey that's truly Awesome, earlier i had corrupted my OS while toying with my Sys Registry and Exp.exe files. The one you have posted is juz simply terrific. Thanks dude :)

  • # Anonymous on 12/01/2008 05:09:00 AM  

    Do not use this if you don't want to be able to turn it back the way it was - the text is not alighned neatly on this "renamer", text goes bottom left not centered and middle. Now how to change it back..

  • # Navtej Singh on 1/26/2009 04:27:00 PM  

    how do i can download

    its not downloadable dear....

  • # Anonymous on 4/27/2009 11:59:00 PM  


  • # Sandy on 12/08/2009 06:55:00 AM  

    Start button is not renamed permanently

  • # Anonymous on 1/28/2010 07:42:00 PM  

    I have an another way to rename start button forever. visit

  • # Anonymous on 9/05/2010 03:11:00 AM  

    How to rename start button without any thing download

  • # Anonymous on 9/06/2011 01:53:00 PM  

    LOL you can't rename the start button without downloading anything! Duh

  • # Anonymous on 6/26/2012 05:39:00 PM  

    how to rename start buttom using registry value

  • # Unknown on 1/01/2013 03:51:00 PM  

    Start button is not renamed permanently

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