A Trick to Protect Your Email Address From Spam Robots

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Nov 18, 2007

Here is a Trick from which you can protect yourself from Spam Robots.

Spam Robots are continuously Crawling the Internet through search engines in search of email addresses. They find email addresses with the help of @ symbol because email always contain the symbol and gather as many as possible.

You can't be spam free if you are publishing or displaying your email address anywhere on the web. But, by the help of the following trick you can display your email address on any website or blog.

Generally we display mailto:you@yourdomain.com in email link

Instead of this just write

<a href="mailto:you&#64;yourdomain.com">Email Me</a>
The &#64; code represents @ symbol. But Spam Robots can't read it.


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