Make your ugly, long URLs short and Meaningful

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Jan 5, 2008

DecentURL is a URL redirection service which not only shortens your long and ugly URLs but also coverts it into a readable and meaningful format.

You may know many of the URL redirection services, these redirection services shorten your url and point it to the destination page. The destination page which is long and ugly looking, if it is a affiliate link then it displays your affiliate id on it.

But the problem of these URL redirection services is, they include any randomly generated combination of Numbers and Alphabets. For instance,     by shortening this URL it becomes         this is URL is shortened using

Unlike these services, DecentURL allows you to type and create a meaningful URL as you like. For instance,      by shortening this URL it became

It can grab a title automatically, and it always includes the domain in the resulting URL to protect you from going places you didn’t want to.

Isn't it COOL.

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