Gmail - Create personal mailing list through Contact Manager

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Jan 13, 2008

Gmail Google introduced a new feature in Gmail. This Gmail feature lets you create your personal mailing list using contact groups. This feature is compatible with IE7 and Firefox 2.

This feature is very helpful for those people who email updates to their friends, relatives or employees often. In general, if we have to email to a large no. of peoples frequently then we have to remember individual names or email  addresses. Sometimes we miss one or more of them.

But now, with the help of Gmail, you can create contact groups to which you email updates often.


To create Contact Groups, do the following simple steps

1.  Login to your Gmail account

2.  Click on "Contacts" from the left-hand navigation list

3.  Then click on the group iconGmail_group_icon

After giving a name to your group, brows for contacts you want to add to it. You can find them by clicking “All Contacts” or by searching by name or email address. Once you locate the contact by click on it, then select the group from the drop down menu in the right-most pane.


Now, while composing the email, in the To: field you just enter the name of your group and click  on "Send". Your email will be sent to all your contacts of that group.


Google is providing us more convenient ways to use Gmail more efficiently.

They say,

While this feature is great for creating efficient ways to email small groups, we encourage you to use Google Groups to manage large ones.

Thanks to The Official Gmail Blog to explain all this.


  • # Anonymous on 4/17/2008 07:20:00 PM  

    Nice and great new feature from gmail and its a good thing that it is compatible on Internet Explore and mozilla firefox

  • # Anonymous on 7/29/2009 04:51:00 AM  

    Putting contacts in 'groups' is great. But how do I hide the names in the group in the TO; field?

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