Windows Live Messenger Library Beta Released!

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Feb 29, 2008


The Windows Live Messenger Library is a JavaScript client library which allows third parties to securely provide web based instant messaging to their users. Developers can build presence-enabled instant messaging applications that web site visitors can use to interact with each other as well as with Windows Live Messenger client users. They can define the look & feel to create their own IM experience.

The Windows Live Messenger Library securely authenticates users, therefore their Windows Live ID credentials are safe.The library exposes the core text-based messaging functionality, contact list and presence management. WLML works cross browser and cross platform on Windows and Macs.

Key Takeaways

  • End Users can now interact and share experiences with their Messenger contacts in more places (more securely than other libraries).
  • can increase stickiness by delivering immersive, differentiated experiences and can increase reach by leveraging their user’s social relationships from Windows Live Messenger.
  • Developers can use JavaScript (which they already know) or C# (via Script#) to fully define the messaging experience cross-browser without needing to develop their own messaging platform.
  • Microsoft can increase the overall value of the Windows Live network and provide a safer alternative to rogue web Messenger libraries.

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