Picasa Tip: Super-Fast Full-Screen Preview

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Mar 1, 2008


Here is a secret keyboard shortcut to fullscreen view of your images in Picasa. When you are in Library View, Move your mouse over any picture thumbnail, Hold down the 'CTRL' key, and then press 'ALT' key. You will instantly get a fullscreen view of that picture.

As soon as you take your finger off the 'ALT' key, you will be returned to the regular library view. This trick helps you to view the current picture in detail. This trick also works on the current photo when you are in Edit Room.

If you're looking to quickly compare a few adjacent thumbnails with the benefit of a full-screen view, simply scroll the mouse wheel when using the ctrl-alt key combo. (This is especially handy if you've just imported a clump of similar photos and want to quickly decide which to keep.)

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[via: picasa blog]

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