Find out Is Your Computer Secretly Connecting to Internet

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Mar 19, 2008

Use this simple DOS command from Digital Inspiration to know Is Your Computer Connecting To Websites Without Your Knowledge. There is always a risk to download and install any third party software from Internet because they may contain malware or spyware programs which gathers your personal data and when you connect to Internet it send out the data by connecting to Internet without your knowledge.

Using this command you will be able to track down such suspicious activities. You will see which program is connecting to Internet, If you found this program suspicious you can uninstall it then.

Use the following steps -

  1. Type cmd in your Windows Run box.
  2. Type "netstat -b 5 > activity.txt" and press enter.
  3. After say 2 minutes, press Ctrl+C.
  4. Type "activity.txt" on the command line to open the log file in notepad (or your default text editor)

The file activity.txt will have a records of every program that has connected to Internet within last couple of minutes. This file also show you to which website the process has made a connection. With this command you can track down chatting programs, email programs and download managers.

I am not sure about this command can track down the OS update process.

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