Access hidden Firefox settings with Configuration Mania

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Mar 17, 2008


Mozilla hides some of the options provided to users, to access these option user have to type about:config in the address bar. Many users don't even know about about:config, and once you discover it, it's still not clear what all of the settings do.

Configuration Mania is a Firefox add-on that organizes and displays many of the options which are normally only available through about:config. Here are just a few things you can manipulate with Configuration Mania.

  • Location bar auto-complete behavior
  • Default domain guessing behavior (should Firefox add www or .com when you type a word into the location bar?)
  • Tab behavior (where to display the close button, default tab width, etc)
  • Hide the Go button next to location bar
  • Change your user agent
  • Adjust cache settings

Configuration Mania is available for both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 beta.

[via: DownloadSquad]

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