Here’s a Quick Way to Create iGoogle Themes Online

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Jan 21, 2008

This week, Google released an API for creating iGoogle themes, to create an iGoogle theme you should have some knowledge of webpage designing. Some people have the desire to create an personal iGoogle theme but they can't.

igThemer is a tool to automatically make iGoogle themes using the new API. This tool lets you select the color you like and images you want to put in the theme.

More additional features of this tool are in process, you will find a preview area for your theme to check how it will look alike. Use the form to configure the sample, then just hit "Create".

This igThemer not only create, but also host your theme. You can share it with with your friends or can submit it to the iGoogle Theme Directory. To preview the theme use the following URL:
(replace SKIN_URL with the location of your theme's XML file)

[via GOS]


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