Voyage - Get an experience of 3D RSS Reader online

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Jan 14, 2008

voyage Voyage is an RSS feed reader with a difference. It's been carefully designed around the content it displays. Add RSS feeds from your favorite sites and let voyage pull all the information together for your reading pleasure.

RSS voyage is designed using FLASH to give you the experience of 3D environment. This service is provided by Andy Biggs who is a senior flash developer.


When you enter the website you will see a flash loading process, voyage by default loads a number of popular rss feeds. If you want, you can add your favorite feeds to it and can delete the default feeds.

You will see the titles are floating like in the space. If you click them, it will display the summery of that post and a link to the source. Posts are organized by date. If you want to browse the feeds simply scroll the space of feeds using your mouse wheel or you can use your keyboard arrow keys. There is a horizontal timeline to scroll posts by hours.

Enjoy your Reading, Share the experience with our readers if you want.



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