Add the programs you want to the Control Panel

Posted by Shailendra Doke | Feb 4, 2008

A small utility called Your CPL will allow you to add programs of your choices to your Control Panel. This utility is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP. This utility comes is a package containing four files. You have to move YourCPL.cpl and YourCPLconfig.txt to the Windows system folder. for instance in Windows XP that both files need to be moved in to system32 folder.

The file YourCPLconfig.txt contains the information of those programs which are to be added to Control Panel. By default you will find a example entry of Windows Registry Editor in this file for your convenience.

The format of adding program to the file is given below

Path to program[press Tab key]Icon caption[press Tab key]Descriptive text

Example of adding Registry Editor

c:\windows\regedit.exe Regedit Registry editor

You may add Command line arguments if you want by pressing tab after Descriptive Text. Each application has to be added in separate line.

Control Panel

In the above screenshot you can see two new application shown by arrows which are added with the help of this utility.

[via ghacks] Download Your CPL


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